Doula Support

Addison is an emerging Carriage House Birth, Postpartum Doula called to wholeheartedly nurture and guide mothers and their families after birth to create a foundation of strength and nourishment.

Addison gracefully weaves evidence based practices, intuition and deep compassion to guide each family to bond with and nurture their new family during a transformative time.

She will ensure you and your family are well feed, offer healing remedies for relaxation and rejuvenation,  take care of practical household tasks, and offer an unbiased, calm atmosphere so all you’ll have to think about is bonding with your newborn. She is currently serving the inner and outer city of Melbourne.

Addison values connection and feels interviews are best in person. She would love to meet with you if you are interested in her services.

+ Service Includes

  • Home cooked meals and hydration for your family
  • Breastfeeding assistance - latch, breastfeeding positions, referrals for lactation consultant, breast milk supply, breastfeeding support groups
  • Offer advice with how to make the most of the support offered by friends and family
  • Support for the mother through feeding - bringing snacks and hydration
  • Advice and education for nutrition and self care post birth
  • Help the family run errands and grocery shop
  • Provide guidance through healing breathwork
  • Assist with house organization to allow for ease and flow within the home
  • Offer practical ways for family, friends and partner to support the birthing person
  • Set up diaper and feeding stations
  • Offer Reiki, emotional release techniques and essential oils to support healing
  • Sibling care
  • Well researched and vetted referrals for any additional support