How to do life better with meditation

Meditation has become quite a buzz word in the wellness world as a remedy to the busy mind, but before it became trendy, meditation was something more personal - mostly limited to close knit circles and for practicing yogis. Meditation can be worth its weight in gold: supporting a reduction in stress, improving sleep routines, increasing energy levels, helping us to feel calm, and supporting our general, emotional wellbeing. In a world that is changing and evolving so rapidly, harnessing your inner calm is of the utmost importance, and worth taking the time to explore.

When I talk to people about meditation, I often hear things like “I can’t sit still, let alone in silence’ or I don’t have time for that.’ While I completely understand these sentiments (and have even felt them from time to time!) I know that this mindset can be overcome, leading to amazing growth and the development of a wonderful meditation practice. Stemming from my studies in the field of Morphogenics, Kundalini Science, and Energetic Nutrition, my focus lies in helping my clients to find balance within all aspects of their lives, learning about their bodies and ways to amplify their energy and vibrations; I deeply believe that meditation is absolutely key to health and wellness. I have seen and felt first hand that carving out time to meditate daily will allow your day to be more productive and enjoyable. I want to show you how accessible and customizable a meditation practice can be, so that you can begin to feel how it can create changes within your body. Creating a daily practice can be easy, and I want to help you get started. After all, creating a deeper self-awareness so that you can learn to trust yourself is the greatest form of growth!

Meditation is a technology designed to create a mental shift through the use of breath, movement, and sound vibration. The various forms of stress and anxiety that many people are experiencing reflect the need to recalibrate our minds to adapt, synchronize, and evolve with the world around us. The key is to use meditation as a tool to strengthen our physical, emotional, and spiritual natures so that we are not only able to survive, but thrive, in our circumstances. It’s a tool to reduce anxiety and the stress response - it’s the ultimate upgrade. Just like when we upgrade our phones and apps to become more efficient and up to date, each time we meditate we upgrade our brains and biochemistries to live life to its fullest potential. The calming nature of sitting down to meditate (whether that’s with music, guided or silent) allows the body and mind to rest. This deep rest allows the body to release the stress it’s holding and use that energy for innate healing and rejuvenation. If our mind is like a phone, too many apps open causes the phone to slow down, to be less efficient, and to force the battery to run out quickly.  Closing down the apps allows it to work better. Similarly, meditation can help your brain preserve power, be more efficient, and become more focused.

The benefits of meditation are endless. Researchers at John Hopkins and Stanford have scientifically validated its benefits: it boots your immune system, decreases anxiety, increases social connections and emotional intelligence, increases our brain growth, and rejuvenates is in order to improves productivity. We have control over our thoughts and the way we respond to the world. Using meditation as a tool for managing these things allows us to become aware of our existing thought patterns and stress management techniques; it allows us adapt to the world around us. Meditation keeps you real; it allows you to gain perspective, helps you process the stories that you play in your head, and helps you release anything that no longer serving you. Keeping a daily practice should never feel like a chore - it can be something you look forward to every day. It’s about teaching your body that you are worth showing up for, and that time for yourself is important. Ultimately that’s when true magic happens, right? 

We are all unique, so the way we meditate will also be unique. There are infinite options and many different practices to choose from - I know this can feel intimidating. The key is to start by choosing time limit and style of meditation that feels comfortable to you. Start small and easy, then work your way up if you feel so inclined. Below are my tips for getting started. 

  • There is no such thing as a completely quiet mind. When you start, just allow the thoughts to come and go, fighting them will only intensify them.  

  • Find a comfortable position to sit in, could be in a comfy chair or outside on the grass. Best to be seated rather than lying down, as you may fall asleep. If you are using meditation to help you fal asleep, lying down is fine.

  • Meditation can work for you in any time increment - you can start with five minutes or go all the way up to two hours (or more!)! I personally love meditating when I wake up so I start the day feeling centered, but any time of the day works just fine. It’s all about finding what’s right for you. If you immediately meditate when you begin to feel the first signs of stress, you can prevent the nervous system from entering a heightened state and maintain a calm energy for dealing with your stressors.

  • Focus on big, slow breaths from the belly. As you breathe in, the belly should extend outward - inflating like a balloon. As you breathe out, the belly should deflate and return in, unless instructed in a guided meditation to breathe with a different pattern.

  • There are many different types of meditation; there’s no such thing as doing it the wrong way. For guidance, you can attend classes, follow an app, subscribe to a video or audio series, or simply search on youTube for a guided practice. You can search for any of the following to kick off your search for the practice that’s right for you: Kundalini Yogic Science (RAMA school of applied technology is my personal favorite), Transcendental Meditation, Mantra Meditation, The Art of Living Breathing, Headspace App, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga Nidra, Ziva Meditation, or Charka Tuning Meditations.  

  • It’s easy to say we don’t have time to meditate, but if you think about the amount of time you spend scrolling through Instagram (we all do it!) I think you’ll find that if you reprioritize, you can find time to squeeze in a 10 min meditation that will change the way you look at your day. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Meditation is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and the best part is, it doesn’t cost a thing! You have absolutely nothing to lose. You will  learn to upgrade your mind and body to transform your approach to everything you do. Our minds our powerful! Let’s give them the tools to become self aware, to listen to our bodies, and to set ourselves up to be successful, mindful members of our communities.

The most successful person in any given room is the most relaxed. - Guru Jagat

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Your Journey to Health

Make the healthiest diet and lifestyle choice

Eating correctly is a huge part of your improvement. We need to know that along with the supplements you will be choosing Organic whole foods. If you choose to not make your diet a priority, your recovery process will be limited. With every bite you take, you are building new healthy cells which turn into tissues and organs. When you take in toxic, chemical-laden food, you are no longer nourishing your body. Instead, you are poisoning it. Eating what is closest to nature will be the nearest energetic match for our bodies. In a world full of choices, we like to keep it simple. Organic whole foods, grass fed, pasture raised animals, seasonal fruits and veggies and adequate healthy fats that are properly prepared (not heating oils to their smoking point) are the best. Our Rule is simple: Shop the outer parameter of the grocery store and buy organic. It is now a well-known fact that the poisonous pesticides and herbicides they spray on conventionally grown produce cause cancer and have been linked to hundreds of other health problems. Avoid processed foods like the plague. Even “organic” processed foods often contain rancid oil and chemicals that block important physiological pathways and disturb gut flora. We suggest you visit a Nutritional Therapist if you need further recommendations.

Don’t wait until it’s too bad

Most people, new to MFT experience dramatic relief and improvements. This can create a sort of health-crisis amnesia. You will forget how bad you felt. Many forget that they even felt bad at all! This can lead to lags in care and, in turn, symptoms start to arise again. Remember, the key to vibrant health is to address it before it can manifest as symptoms, or even worse, disease.

Regular visits, depending on the state of your field and health

Your practitioner will want to base your next appointment on the current state of your field. If you maintain a large field in between visits you will probably need your next visit in 4-6 weeks. If your M-field is contracted or misshaped or you are suffering from an immune challenge and experiencing symptoms, you may be asked to come back weekly. In extreme cases, you may need to be seen within a few days.

Taking your protocol

The protocol that is developed at your visit is very customised and exactly what your body needs at this energetic snapshot-in-time. It may change from visit to visit, but mostly we will be building upon it. We use the highest quality supplements and homeopathy to achieve ultimate wellness. Your supplements are the key to climbing the ladder to your health goals. We will slowly build upon your protocol as your energetic layers are revealed. The MFT clients that achieve the best results are those that are consistent with their protocol.

Energetic Nutrition | Explained

Energetic Nutrition is a holistic and preventative approach that supports your unique system to create balance and synergy between mind, body and spirit. The specific Morphogenic Field Technique allows us to muscle test the energy field of your body to determine the energetic root cause of DIS-EASE within your body. It uses specific testing to find solutions to your symptoms to regain full health and vitality.

Morphogenic Field Technique enables healing by beginning starting at square one - energetic levels. Working with the Field, we begin to strengthen our immune system, increase our vitality and deepen our intuitive senses.

Journeying with Addison creates space to learn and implement techniques that individually support your path to abundant wellness.

Addison Landry: One of the Most Sought After Natural Healers

With parents and family mastering in a diverse range of the health fields, Addison grew up rooted in the belief that the body knows exactly how to heal itself. But in order to tap into these magical, innate healing powers, we must remove the negative interferences blocking our natural process.

Life lead Addison from Melbourne, Australia to New York City in her early twenties, but after a year of a fast pace, high-intensity lifestyle she hit a wall and felt depleted and out of balance. She was over weight, constantly bloated, and even experiencing hair loss. Addison struggled to find the energy to cary out her typical day-to-day tasks.

It was only when she returned to her roots with nutrition and energy healing that she was able to tap back into the power of self-healing and regain her health. Thus, began the unfolding of her own spiritual and healing journey.

Addison has a  masters in Applied Nutrition and is a level two reiki practitioner. She's trained in Morphogenic field balancing, Emotion tuning and also a whole food chef. Her goal is to change the way the world is engaging with their bodies through holistic approaches to wellbeing.  The transformative power of food and balancing energy fields and emotions can unearth the root causes of imbalance create a path towards healing.

Through trust and love we can heal ourselves and each other because trust and love are the driving forces for all transformations. Authenticity and discovery is the new enlightenment and when we replace what is perceived as “mysticism” with knowledge, then fear is dispelled and we become open to the power of our own healing.

Addison believes health is holistic in nature, that wellbeing is a culmination of all of our experiences, and that illness is just an energetic imbalance. She believes each of us hold the answer to our healing in our own Energetic Fields; it’s a basic but intelligent communication system. Addison’s mission is to help you create a deeper intrinsic connection to your health, so that you begin to understand what your body’s communicating, and how we can support it. Her philosophy is simple: by focusing on energy, we are one step ahead of matter.

Why the emphasis on the energy field? It’s an extension of the body's Nervous System, which controls everything from our thoughts, to our digestion, and even our heartbeats. These basic mechanisms within our bodies create an energy field of information that communicates with itself and our environment to keep us safe, healthy and alive. Addison believes that communicating with the energetic field of your body will give you the information to allow your body to heal.

Addison is trained to treat issues within the energy field and uncover energetic cellular imbalances. Her use of the Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) and Emotion Code allows an intelligent conversation with your energy field to figure out what your body needs to function optimally.

Addison looks at the energy of organs, chemical toxins, heavy metals, gut flora balance/imbalances, scars, food, emotions and many other energies that may be having a disruptive effect on your system. The key to any symptom or illness is asking the body what energetic imbalances created it in the first place. When you find the imbalance and support it with the right food and environment, the body begins to heal and the symptoms you once had will begin to dissipate.

Working with Addison will help you unlock your ability to heal the mind, body and spirit. She will provide you access to a deeper understanding of what makes you thrive, and work with you to provide a compassionate education for your body’s idiosyncrasies. Health is our greatest asset; with Addison you’ll learn the best way to take care of it.

Addison believes we can create a healthier world by creating a respectful and compassionate relationship with ourselves. Through trust and love, we can heal ourselves and each other, as these are driving forces for all transformations. Authenticity and discovery is the new enlightenment, and when we replace what is perceived as “mysticism” with knowledge, fear is dispelled and we become open to the power of our own healing.

My Daily Body Regime

SKIN CARE  | Elina organics creates bio energised skin care products that are as close to nature intended. Her Probiotic polishing mask hydrates, firms and brightens the skin naturally. Magic in a jar! Daily: botanical wash, botanical toner and mermaid elixir. Weekly: organic face scrub, probiotic polishing mask.

DRY BODY BRUSH | this is used daily before showering, without fail, for lymphatic stimulation and flow to help rid impurities and toxic waste from the body.

JIVA-APOHA ATMAN SCENT| all organic essential oils. Sandalwood awakens intuition, Frankincense  sharpens focus, a touch of neroli for a feeling of brightness, tulsi and precious Reserve Palo Santo for a beautifully  scented oil.

TOXIC FREE DEODORANT | I have tried so many different kinds and this one is by far my favourite stops the stink and easy to apply.

MAKEUP  | RMS carries a beautiful line of non toxic makeup that’s affordable and healthy for your skin. Their cover up I mix with restorative beauty balm for nice coverage and hydration. I love their bruiti bronzer and living luminizer.

RESTORATIVE BEAUTY BALM  | is formulated for fast absorption and anti inflammatory properties. It leaves my skin feeling really supple and calm.

SILKY BODY MOISTURISER  |  my daily body moisturiser, it’s not greasy and feeds the skin exactly what its needs to stay hydrated and firm.

COCONUT OIL - OIL PULLING  | one of many great ways to help detoxify the body. I do it morning and night to help clean my lymph system and keep my teeth healthy. How to in helpful resources.