Your Journey to Health

Make the healthiest diet and lifestyle choice

Eating correctly is a huge part of your improvement. We need to know that along with the supplements you will be choosing Organic whole foods. If you choose to not make your diet a priority, your recovery process will be limited. With every bite you take, you are building new healthy cells which turn into tissues and organs. When you take in toxic, chemical-laden food, you are no longer nourishing your body. Instead, you are poisoning it. Eating what is closest to nature will be the nearest energetic match for our bodies. In a world full of choices, we like to keep it simple. Organic whole foods, grass fed, pasture raised animals, seasonal fruits and veggies and adequate healthy fats that are properly prepared (not heating oils to their smoking point) are the best. Our Rule is simple: Shop the outer parameter of the grocery store and buy organic. It is now a well-known fact that the poisonous pesticides and herbicides they spray on conventionally grown produce cause cancer and have been linked to hundreds of other health problems. Avoid processed foods like the plague. Even “organic” processed foods often contain rancid oil and chemicals that block important physiological pathways and disturb gut flora. We suggest you visit a Nutritional Therapist if you need further recommendations.

Don’t wait until it’s too bad

Most people, new to MFT experience dramatic relief and improvements. This can create a sort of health-crisis amnesia. You will forget how bad you felt. Many forget that they even felt bad at all! This can lead to lags in care and, in turn, symptoms start to arise again. Remember, the key to vibrant health is to address it before it can manifest as symptoms, or even worse, disease.

Regular visits, depending on the state of your field and health

Your practitioner will want to base your next appointment on the current state of your field. If you maintain a large field in between visits you will probably need your next visit in 4-6 weeks. If your M-field is contracted or misshaped or you are suffering from an immune challenge and experiencing symptoms, you may be asked to come back weekly. In extreme cases, you may need to be seen within a few days.

Taking your protocol

The protocol that is developed at your visit is very customised and exactly what your body needs at this energetic snapshot-in-time. It may change from visit to visit, but mostly we will be building upon it. We use the highest quality supplements and homeopathy to achieve ultimate wellness. Your supplements are the key to climbing the ladder to your health goals. We will slowly build upon your protocol as your energetic layers are revealed. The MFT clients that achieve the best results are those that are consistent with their protocol.