Testimonials from Addison's clients

"I've struggled with digestive issues my entire life. After countless tests and trying what felt like 'everything under the sun', I found Addison and started Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). A year and a half later I've witnessed a transformation in body and mind. I feel stronger, but perhaps even more importantly, I've become so much more mindful of everything that I'm putting into my system.

I cannot recommend working with Addison enough -- she's incredibly patient and kind and genuinely cares about my wellbeing." - A.S.

“Working with Addison has fundamentally changed how I approach my health and wellness. When I came to her, I thought I was entirely healthy, eating a plant-based diet and having just completed the New York City Marathon. Despite being “fit”, I still felt sluggish and tired and struggled with inflammation and bursitis of my joints, causing repeated injury.

Addison taught me how to optimise my health and extend my wellness practice beyond strict diet and exercise. By introducing the right supplements through nutrition testing and educating on the guiding principles of holistic wellness—eliminating environmental toxins, using natural substitutes for lifestyle and beauty products, encouraging restorative movement practices, meditation, etc.—Addison has helped me feel the best I’ve ever felt.

I’ve been consistently impressed at how she always goes above and beyond - whether its through research or just checking in to see how I’m feeling—Addison is thoughtful and caring and always learning more to help her clients. I can’t imagine life without her now!” - M.C. 

“I started seeing Addison in the summertime of 2016. Prior to seeing her I’ve had stomach issues pretty much my entire life. I had seen so many different doctors and naturopaths but nothing was working long term. I was referred to Addison through a friend and she was my last hope. Within my first session, I started feeling a huge difference in my body, mind and spirit. I started to gain my energy back.

I really respect Addison because she is very passionate about what she does. She is very supportive and non-judgmental. She really cares and wants her patients to get better. Immediately, within in the first treatment I felt very safe and I could trust her because she has great energy surrounding her. What I really love about Addison visits is she educates you on what’s going on with your body. When, I leave her office I feel a sense of independence and knowledge that I can take with me and feel inspired to get healthy on my own terms.

It’s almost been a year since seeing Addison and this is the healthiest I ever felt in my entire life. I am more so than ever in tuned with my body. I highly recommend Addison to anyone who is suffering from any pain or health concerns. She is truly a saint.” - S.Z.

“I have been seeing Addison for  a couple of months now. Since meeting and having a session with Addison I have felt such a significant shift in my energy, health, mental health and general well-being. Before meeting Addison I was feeling incredibly exhausted and run down as a first time Mum. I was feeling quite low in my energy and mood and hormonally out of whack! I had seen naturopaths and other health practitioners that were good at what they did, yet I left the session feeling completely confused with an arm load of supplements to take. It really wasn’t practical and it was very overwhelming.

What’s magical about Addison is she reads my bodies energy field and taps into its innate wisdom and what it needs to feel supported. And it’s simple, there is no need for 10 types of supplements and crazy diets. The body always knows what it needs and Addison can read this through basic Kiniesiology. The first session, I was given two types of supplements and a suggestion to be more aware about gluten and soy in my diet. And instead of being told to cut this and that out ....I was asked to be intuitive and be more aware of these foods in my diet.

What I really love about Addison is she works with the body and the clients intuition. She is such an amazing practitioner with such a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is compassionate and deeply cares about every single client. As soon as I enter the room I  instantly feel how present she is with me and I know I am thoroughly supported. Working with Addison has honestly been such a game changer. I have been searching for this level of support for such a long time.

I’m so glad I found her.” - Z.L.

“Working with Addison has been a game changer for me. In the very short time I have worked with her I can only say... I have moved Mountains!

When I came to Addison I was struggling. Stuck in the whirlwind of my eating disorder I had been battling for 22 years. I was so tired. Tired of the battle. Battling food. Battling therapy. Battling myself. A Coach and Healer myself (coaches need coaches) I resonated with the fact Addison does work similar to mine using the Quantum Field but she is also a nutritionist. Perfect combo. My body said YES. I knew that there was extra support needed as there was something that I couldn’t see, or seem to shift myself no matter how much time, space or energy I threw at this ‘issue’.

I went to see her trusting my body's wisdom was the only thing that might hold the key to my deepest healing. Addison was so compassionate and understanding. She listened with no judgment and held space for me to show up however that looked. She is a fellow master, and I trusted her.

It was this level of trust that allowed me to be so open. She took me by the hand and walked me and my body step by step to release that which I myself could not see. The most vulnerable parts of me let go. Working with Addison was safe in every way and because of that safety and trust we got to the root of what needed to shift extremely quickly. In a matter of weeks these shifts had inspired in me massive transformation. So much so I reclaimed my inner Champion AND attracted the right resources into my reality that allowed me to heal my 22 year old eating disorder permanently... overnight!

Now free from the binge purge cycle I can begin to work with Addison on other things like healing what 22 years of bulimia has done to my body. Already, I am now hearing messages from my body like never before. I trust them. I am so committed to this work and can not sing the praises of this beautiful woman enough!

Addison is so much more than an energetic nutritionist. She is a Medicine Woman of heart and soul. I feel so blessed to have her in my corner celebrating me fiercely with every win. Big or small. I would recommend everyone I know to gift yourself a session with Addison. She may assist you to uncover the secrets your body has to share that can fast track and propel you into ultimate freedom. Ultimate health!

I will be forever grateful to this woman. My heart is so full! She has assisted me to release the last parts of me that were holding on.

And now... I am free to be the woman I was born to be!” - E.H.

“So much gratitude for you and what you do 🙏 I’m thankful for you having the courage to be your authentic self and birth your gifts into this world in their truest and purest form. It will help an incredible amount of people as you are doing exactly what you have been called to do and there is an incredible amount of power in that. Have a beautiful day, see you next week.” - S.M.

“I am so glad I found Addison! She has been an absolute delight to work with.

I had a very healthy diet before I started seeing Addison but I was lacking energy, struggling with hormonal imbalance and couldn't quite figure out what changes to make. Addison doesn't just give you support you with ways to incorporate more healing foods - she also teaches you how to understand what your body is saying.

She helps you identify how certain dietary, environmental and spiritual/ emotional factors are affecting you, and how you can balance them out to ensure you're functioning at your best. I've been feeling better and better after each appointment!” - K.A.